On a sunny day in October, Jock and I hopped aboard the Crofton ferry to Salt Spring Island as I was scheduled to give a noon-hour talk as part of the SSNAP (Salt Spring National Art Prize) exhibition. On that day, a group of people touring in 6 vintage British automobiles also boarded our ferry and it was my pleasure to take some photos of the vehicles as we crossed.

On the way home, we stopped in the Seaside Restaurant by the ferry terminal in Vesuvius Bay and spent some quality time in the sunshine on their balcony overlooking the water, from where one can see the ferry coming from quite a distance.

As is well known; being an artist involves pain, suffering and possibly an entire lifetime of debilitating existential angst…this day turned out to be a welcome exception.

– Dorian Melton CVPAG Newsletter Editor, PR Chair