A Plan for a Public Art Gallery

“The Friends of the Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery Society” (a not for profit society) was formed with the intention of raising funds and setting in place a strategy for creating a purpose built public art gallery for the Cowichan Valley.

We would like to create an “A” list gallery that can meet the conditions required for holding top international and national exhibitions. The gallery would supply arts programming for the valley population and would provide exposure for local artists through curated exhibitions.

The Need

Considering the size of our community, this lack of a public art gallery is very unusual.

How you can participate

*Purchase an annual membership for $20 and you will have a vote at the annual general meeting, thus giving you a voice in this historic cultural change in the valley.

Send us a check (made out to Friends of Cowichan Public Art Gallery Society) or drop off cash to CVPAG, c/o Jock Hildebrand 1100 Genoa Bay Rd., Maple Bay, B.C. V9L 5Y7

*Become a member of our Founding Donors Club for a one time fee of $100. You will be listed on our website as part of the club, and will receive various VIP benefits.

* Donate. A donation to our society will enable us to make the Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery (CVPAG) a reality.  Preliminary projects are needed and will require funding. These projects include an economic feasibility study, architectural renderings and various promotional efforts

We are accepting 100 Donors to

Founding Donors Club

when donating please let us know that donation is for Founding Donors Club

Thank you for your support

Founding Donors Club Members

Vivyan Yvonne Ackroyd

Landon Belleville

Jacquie Cadorette

Ray Cadorette

Susan Collacott

Daniel Collins

David Coulson

Karen Croft

Jean Crowder

Will Datené

Angela Davies

Dennis B. Del Torre

Janine Duns

Susan & John Ellis

David Goatley

Nan Goodship

Mark Hazell

Rebecca Hazell

Carmen Hildebrand

Jock Hildebrand

Helga Lambrecht

Dale Letourneau

Beverlee McLeod

Dorian Melton

Arnim Rodeck

Gail Robb

Bonnie Schmaus

Goetz Schuerholz

Erica Sutfin

Donna Taylor

Bev Thompson

Wendy Weir



Jack W. Ackroyd

Mary Patricia (Tricia) Cadorette

Joyce A. Melton

Scott G. Melton