“Public access to the arts has a civilizing effect, particularly on the young . . .

it gentles the soul.” Jock Hildebrand, sculptor, interview August 26th, 2018.

Beside Shibui’s gate, a silken fish drifts among hot summer pines. A gentle soul lives here. From his hands, earth’s elemental strengths flow in stone, marble, metals, fragrant woods, manifesting deep love of form and the landscape of emotion caught in line.

Jock Hildebrand is an internationally exhibited artist of monumental public sculptures, and of dynamic paintings and drawings in private collections. His public art stands in Asia, Europe, North and Central American. “Many of my works stem from my interest in anthropology and ethnology. I believe that form itself has a more universal, cross-cultural understanding. (Hildebrand, Jock Hildebrand, Sculptor; Creating International Sculpture. [Self-published?] brochure.)

Since graduating from Emily Carr College of Art and Design, for 40+ years Jock has explored the “non-verbal, non-linear gestalt” of the language of art, “manifesting my fascination and enchantment with the mysterious world, conceptualizing in a new way my position towards the physics of art”. Each piece is worked from notebook drawings, then rigorously dismantled to find what doesn’t work. “Great art must create a poetic universe in which all elements have the rhythm and consistency of authenticity. Great art is magic.”

In 2014, Jock and Carmen came to Maple Bay. Together, they’ve grown a gallery and sculpture garden: shibui is Japanese meaning ‘complexity in simplicity’. Shibui seeds Jock’s creative essence: “thought into desire into manifestion”: a poetic landscape where nothing distracts from the “honest” love of the artist.

Sensualist, fisherman, tanner of skins, bronze caster, art educator, civic innovator, environmental agitator, Buddhist wildling and intellectual; enchanted and enchanting — Magician.

Wendy Robison

Jock’s involvement in the community:

· member on the Cowichan Estuary Restoration and Conservation Association board

· representative for CERCA to the Cowichan Stewardship Roundtable

· opened the Shibui Fine Art Gallery

· mentor in the Youth opportunity Program

· speaker in the CVAC speaker series.